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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why You Shouldn't Masturbate in Libraries

Carl Monday is gonna catch your ass...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day! I am fortunate enough to have a great mother, one who made many sacrifices to make sure her youngest son turned out to be the misanthropic loser he is today. Well, hey mom, 2 out of 3 ain't bad, right?
content returning here soon, to the soon to be renamed 'Peter Collada's Pittsburgh!'

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Must be broke again.

I've always said Motown was the Best City for Singles

Forbes new list of America's 'Best Cities for Singles' is out, and once again the Balto-Wash area ranks a strong fifth. I do have to question the methodology of any study that calls Balto-Wash a city . Besides, seeing as baltimore has the highest rate of STDs in the country, it wouldn't seem to be the greatest locale for singles.This survey also has a factor called 'coolness', in which Balto-Wash ranks number 5, ahead of Portland, Chicago, New York, and Denver. If your idea of coolness is 100,000 earnest former high school class vice presidents on the make, then yes, I guess DC is pretty cool (and it would also explain why Boston is ranked higher).
Then again, it might be a bad idea to get your idea of what is 'cool' from Forbes magazine. Just ask this guy

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Peter Collada's News and Views-Slammin' Sammy Edition

You gotta love Marion Barry, the guy just doesn’t quit
, whether it's running for office or narcotics, the former Mayor for life could teach James Frey a trick or two. I guess Rep. John Dingell will have to find a new VP candidate…There has been quite a bit of controversy about Samuel Alito’s membership in a group called the Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP) that apparently wanted to keep women and minorities out of Princeton. Frankly, I don’t see the big deal if Judge Alito was a member of such a group, after all, it is PRINCETON not PRINCESSTON or FRESH PRINCETON or FREDDIEPRINZETON (sorry hispanics, that was the best I could do)….Seriously, it seems odd that when he put CAP on his resume in 1985, and now has no recollection of it…I remember being part of a similar group at Maryland called the Concerned Undergraduates of Maryland (CUM) , but I think would have remembered if I put CUM on my resume

New study says America increasingly full of shitThis is perhaps the most bizarre shit everThey’ll just let any old asshole into the hall of fame these days, won’t they? Was David Kingman not available?...Strange world, for the first time, a Bush defers college in order to go to the draft...It would seem to me that the engine or the frame would be the most expensive part, but they are the experts...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Who's Parking in My Space?

Perhaps I am easily amused, but I was clicking on the old links that are on the side here, and I stumbled accross the address for Kbryna's old webpage that used to be titled 'A Lobby with Nine Hundred Windows'. Words fail to describe just how weird this page now is, it seems to be a mixture of ranting about anti-bush Nazis and links to lesbian porn sites.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Liberals Keep Undermining the President's War on Liberalism

Guess who's back? Indeed, it's yours truly, Peter Collada. It's been a rough month or so, keeping up with the party circuit, attending holiday festivity's with the larger Collada family, reporting on the Nick and Jessica divorce, but I am happy to tell everyone that I am back and better than ever, not that it takes much. So what has transpired in the time that I have been gone.
Well, my beloved Penn State Nittany Lions stuck it to the Florida State Criminoles in the Orange Bowl, Ariel Sharon had 15 strokes, and some crazy mofo was nominated to the supreme court.
Narcisstic as I am, I could care less about any of these developments (save the Orange Bowl victory) as the march to Law school is on. At the present, I am planning on applying to Pitt, Case Western, Lewis and Clark, Temple, Hofstra, St. Johns, Baylor, Loyola, and Villanova. Since I am applying to a number of these solely because they are free, I will briefly describe the positives/negatives of each choice.
Live in Pittsburgh, not to far from the Homeland, and in state tuition.
Near the homeland, full of Yinzers, and apparently 'Iron Law' is not the lucrative profession it was 60 years ago.
Case Western-
Tier 1 school, good salaries after graduation, highly respected in Cleveland area, have friend who is 1l there and likes it.
Named 'Case Western', highly respected in Cleveland, friend is from Utah so Rwanda would probably seem appealing to her.
Lewis and Clark-
In an awesome city (portland) where one of my best friends lives, very good in environmental law, most strip clubs per capita in the US, beautiful area
Environmental Law is for girly men, Oregon Trail no longer fun after you get a better computer than commodore 64 (any day now!), salaries for law grads worringly low for the greedy Mr. Collada.
Cheap in state, high quality of students, Bill Cosby went there, Philly is supposedly cool.
Campus food plan consists entirely of jello pudding pops, 'Temple' sounds like a place they make you go on Saturdays, lifelong pledge never to go to Philly.
Good chance at scholarship, near NYC, best school for prospective mob lawyers
Lose a case as a mob lawyer, end up 'sleeping with da fishes', not sure 'sleeping with da fishes' is gramatically correct, on long island, full of people who could beat me up.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Sorry for the sporadic posting, all 3 of you who read this. The blog will be on hiatus until monday, when I will finally attempt to return to regular posting, probably mostly about the process of applying to law schools and my dread of the people I will be going to school with (note to self, must go to school with a nearby undergrad/grad institution). Then, maybe if I am lucky enough, I will get some 80 hour per week job with some soulless corporate firm. Oh, how I praise God for every day on this wonderful planet!